With Clean-Energy Funding, Tax Credits, & the On-Bill Purchase Plan
You Will Be Making Money from Day One with Solar Energy!

*Only New York has on-bill financing

NY, CT, & NJ Are Rich in Sunlight

NY, CT, & NJ
Are Rich in Sunlight

The Tri-state area has ample sunlight for profitable home solar.

Solar is More Than Competitive With Utility Energy

Utility Energy

There are some areas of the US where solar already out-competes utility energy.

How Much Does Solar Cost, Let’s Do The Math

How Much Does
Solar Cost?
Let’s Do the Math

Every home is different so this brief article uses averages.

Lease vs. Own

Lease vs. Own

A question we’re asked a lot:
“Is it better to own or lease my solar energy system?”

Find Your Roof's Value

Your Value
  • Federal ITC Tax Credit 30%
  • State Tax Credit 25%
  • NYSERDA Funding 25%

Not Having Solar Energy is Costing You Money Every Single Day

SunUp Solar is the largest solar firm headquartered in southern New York’s Westchester County

Providing prompt, friendly service to New York, Connecticut, & New Jersey

Dear Property Owner,

Over thirty years of providing construction services to homes and businesses has taught me that no two properties are alike. Every solar project must get the individual attention it deserves as any property improvement should. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to doing a solar project right.

SunUp is a local company with a national reputation. We focus on serving homeowners and organizations in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. We know what works for the Northeast, and we will make certain that your property receives a careful and accurate solar evaluation. We will furnish you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision about whether solar is appropriate for your property.

One of our solar analysts would be pleased to answer any questions or provide any advice concerning solar for your property.  And, of course, there is absolutely no cost or obligation.



SunUp Solar

How Is SunUp Different?
Our Customers Say it Best

The first visit with SunUp Solar was quick, easy, informative, thorough. They answered all my questions before they left.

Linda & Bruce

We love our new solar panels, When we listened to the rep at our first meeting the project sounded “too good to be true”. But we are thrilled and it is everything you said it would be!

Mary McC.

We really appreciate that your staff continued to answer our questions even after the job was finished. You have done a great job in hiring personnel. Your crew was Awesome! Thank you.

Jerry & Jackie

We had a great experience with your company and your employees. Energy consultant, workman, office people and technicians all highly professional! We have given your name to several people and will do so in the future. Highly efficient staff!

James & Mary

Call Us Anytime at (914) 259-8878

We look forward to answering your questions. One of our Energy Consultants will work with you to determine if solar is right for your property.

We won’t take your business if we can’t save you money.

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Follow the local power revolution

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