Enphase Showcases SunUp Solar’s 200kw Country Club Install

Enphase Showcases SunUp Solar’s 200kw Country Club Install
Maintain historic site’s natural and aesthetic beauty while taking measure to reduce environmental impact
Design solar PV systems that remain almost entirely out of public view
200kW Enphase System allows the site to draw energy from renewable power source
SunUp Solar Country Club Installation
“ We spent a long time evaluating other technologies and companies out there, but working with Enphase was an absolute game changer.”
— Doug Hertz
SunUp Solar Energy

On the banks of the Hudson River, the Sleepy Hollow Country Club uses its respected reputation to lead its community toward environmental stewardship. With Enphase, Sleepy Hollow becomes a renewable energy pioneer while preserving the club’s historic nature.

Doing Right by the Environment
Country clubs traditionally have high resource demands, from fertilizing and watering golf course lawns to the steady use of HVAC systems, but some are breaking with tradition to become environmentally responsible.

Westchester County’s Sleepy Hollow Country Club already does its part to properly use water, minimize chemical use, and be a good neighbor to the community. With high electric costs and a 300+ acre campus that houses sports and leisure facilities, the club is now turning to solar to generate its own renewable energy and further its commitment to a better environment.

Preserving the property’s picturesque beauty was of the utmost importance, and installer SunUp Solar Energy designed a system to maximize energy production without unwanted visible attention. Their secret: the Enphase System.

When SunUp Solar started installing solar, they a made bold technical decision to go 100 percent Enphase, and they haven’t turned back since.

“We’re extremely happy with our six-year relationship with Enphase and have branded our entire company around it—it’s a win-win situation,” said Doug Hertz, Principal of SunUp Solar.

Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind
Sleepy Hollow needed a solar system that would be out of the line of view as much as possible. SunUp Solar performed a full analysis of the property’s electrical infrastructure to identify the best areas to locate the 200kW system, and then determined which areas would work aesthetically. To accommodate both requests, SunUp Solar created four subsystems on four subsections of the country club.

The first system is on a maintenance building, which is the only flat rooftop on site that is not visible to onlookers, while the second system remains largely out of view on the rooftop terrace of an historic building. The third was installed on a newly built LEED certified sports facility. Finally, the fourth system will be added to a new maintenance building, soon to be constructed on the edge of the golf course.

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