Music of Summer #1 “Going Up The Country” by Canned Heat

Music of Summer #1 “Going Up The Country” by Canned Heat

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a reminder of all the great activities summer brings like music, food, family & fun.

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¬†“Going Up The Country” by Canned Heat

Canned Heat, who were early blues enthusiasts, based “Going Up the Country” on “Bull Doze Blues”, recorded in 1928 by Texas bluesman Henry Thomas. Thomas was from the songster tradition and had a unique sound, sometimes accompanying himself on quills, an early Afro-American wind instrument similar to panpipes. He recorded “Bull Doze Blues” in Chicago on June 13, 1928 for Vocalion Records (no. 1230).

For “Going Up the Country”, Canned Heat’s Wilson used Thomas’ melody on the quills and his basic rhythm, but arranged it for a rock setting and rewrote the lyrics. In addition to the bass and drum rhythm section, Henry Vestine supplied a “light electric rhythm guitar” and multi-instrumentalist Jim Horn reproduced Thomas’ quill parts on the flute. Although linked to the counterculture of the 1960s’ back-to-the-land movement, Wilson’s lyrics are ambiguous:

Now baby pack your leaving trunk, you know we’ve got to leave today
Just exactly where we’re going I cannot say, but we might even leave the U.S.A.
‘Cause there’s a brand new game that I wanna play

Source: Wikipedia