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Solar Takes the Top Spot for New Energy Sources for the First Half of 2014

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Major utilities know that solar is a smart economical solution to diversified clean energy production in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut & beyond but there is smart and there is market dominance. Reports are coming in that for the first half of 2014 solar in all its forms (residential, commercial & utility) has made up more new sources of energy than natural gas in all its forms including fracking. 43% of installed capacity in the first half of 2014 was solar compared to 41% for natural gas and a paltry 12% for wind. With solar incentives decreasing as capacity ramps up, don’t miss your opportunity to pay a fraction of the price for fully custom designed residential solar that is guaranteed for 25 years and is designed to maximize every last drop of available sunlight that hits your...

Enphase Showcases SunUp Solar’s 200kw Country Club Install

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CHALLENGE Maintain historic site’s natural and aesthetic beauty while taking measure to reduce environmental impact SOLUTION Design solar PV systems that remain almost entirely out of public view RESULT 200kW Enphase System allows the site to draw energy from renewable power source “ We spent a long time evaluating other technologies and companies out there, but working with Enphase was an absolute game changer.” — Doug Hertz Principal SunUp Solar Energy On the banks of the Hudson River, the Sleepy Hollow Country Club uses its respected reputation to lead its community toward environmental stewardship. With Enphase, Sleepy Hollow becomes a renewable energy pioneer while preserving the club’s historic nature. Doing Right by the Environment Country clubs traditionally have high resource demands, from fertilizing and watering golf course lawns to the steady use of HVAC systems, but some are breaking with tradition to become environmentally responsible. Westchester County’s Sleepy Hollow Country Club already does its part to properly use water, minimize chemical use, and be a good neighbor to the community. With high electric costs and a 300+ acre campus that houses sports and leisure facilities, the club is now turning to solar to generate its own renewable energy and further its commitment to a better environment. Preserving the property’s picturesque beauty was of the utmost importance, and installer SunUp Solar Energy designed a system to maximize energy production without unwanted visible attention. Their secret: the Enphase System. When SunUp Solar started installing solar, they a made bold technical decision to go 100 percent Enphase, and they haven’t turned back since. “We’re extremely happy with our six-year relationship with Enphase and...

v2.0 New York Metro Area Complete Utility Map

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Working throughout the Tri-State area every day as our analysts, installers & office team it is important that we know where Consolidated Edison (ConEd) ends and Orange & Rockland begins or exactly which parts of Connecticut are powered by municipalities and which are powered by Connecticut Light & Power. Generating power in the New York Metro area can be a complicated process and we realized no one had made publicly available a unified map of the utilities in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut area and figured this would help people. Electricity shouldn’t be complex or expensive, solar power isn’t. If you ever wondered what the financial benefits of solar on your home could be we can run the numbers on your home for free. Contact us using the form to the right and get a solid number today....

IKEA Puts Huge Solar Array on the Roof of its New Store in Pisa, Tuscany

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This achievement means that solar energy is as cost-competitive as any other energy source in Italy and principally, without subsidies. The solar industry is approaching grid parity in an increasing number of places worldwide,” -Henrique Rodrigues, CEO of Martifer Solar. Ikea Group along with its developers, Martifer Solar, completed construction on an approximately 2,700 polycrystalline module array installed on fixed structures, the project has a total capacity of 696.15 kWp. That is enough power to run 696 microwaves at the same time each making piles of meatballs every hour. Power generation from this PV project will be at a net rate, which is equal to or less than the price of electricity being sold from the grid....

Warren Buffett Looking to Double $15 Billion Solar & Renewable Investment

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At the Edison Electric Institute’s annual convention in Las Vegas, Warren Buffett commented on his already established $15 Billion investment into the Solar & renewable energy sector by responding “There’s another $15 billion ready to go, as far as I’m concerned.” Looking towards the long term growth of his company Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK/A) Buffett has increasingly invested in regulated, capital-intensive businesses such as railroad BNSF and power companies. He bought control of an energy holding company in Iowa in 2000 and helped bankroll its expansion. The unit, now called Berkshire Hathaway Energy, operates electric grids in the U.K., natural gas pipelines that stretch from the Great Lakes to Texas and electric utilities in states including Oregon and Nevada. Its renewable investments include wind farms in Iowa and Wyoming, as well as solar farms in California and Arizona. Berkshire has been able to plow so much into renewable energy because it can use tax credits to offset profit at other businesses, Abel, the 52-year-old CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Energy, said. Berkshire Hathaway and companies of its size are not the only ones that can benefit from government incentives, rebates & tax credits. You can too and we can help make it easy. Get a free estimate on the value of the sun on your roof and how much you can save with current incentives by filling out the form on the right....

WSJ Reports Homes with Solar Sell for an Average $24,705 More than Homes Without Solar

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The Wall Street Journal reports that research is showing homes with Photovoltaic systems (solar power installs of 3.1 kilowatt in size on average) are selling for an average $24,705 more than homes without solar on their roof. We have always known that solar helps increase a homes value and can decrease considerably the time a house is on the market but with an average value increase of $24,705, a 30% federal tax credit, 25 year warranty on SunUp Solar modules plus increased performance in sun to power conversion using microinverters; the cost and payback time to make profit on the solar you own is smaller then ever before. % Federal Tax Rebate Year Warranty Increase Home...

New York Times Review of Koch Response to Solar Power

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Source: New York Times The Editorial Board APRIL 26, 2014 At long last, the Koch brothers and their conservative allies in state government have found a new tax they can support. Naturally it’s a tax on something the country needs: solar energy panels. For the last few months, the Kochs and other big polluters have been spending heavily to fight incentives for renewable energy, which have been adopted by most states. They particularly dislike state laws that allow homeowners with solar panels to sell power they don’t need back to electric utilities. So they’ve been pushing legislatures to impose a surtax on this increasingly popular practice, hoping to make installing solar panels on houses less attractive. Oklahoma lawmakers recently approved such a surcharge at the behest of the American Legislative Exchange Council, the conservative group that often dictates bills to Republican statehouses and receives financing from the utility industry and fossil-fuel producers, including the Kochs. As The Los Angeles Times reported recently, the Kochs and ALEC have made similar efforts in other states, though they were beaten back by solar advocates in Kansas and the surtax was reduced to $5 a month in Arizona. But the Big Carbon advocates aren’t giving up. The same group is trying to repeal or freeze Ohio’s requirement that 12.5 percent of the state’s electric power come from renewable sources like solar and wind by 2025. Twenty-nine states have established similar standards that call for 10 percent or more in renewable power. These states can now anticipate well-financed campaigns to eliminate these targets or scale them back. The coal producers’ motivation is clear: They see solar and wind energy as a long-term threat to...