Price & Financing

Investment Guidelines

Solar electric systems are often valued by the number of kilowatts of installed power. One kilowatt of installed power takes about one hundred square feet of roof space. The investment required per kilowatt varies depending on many factors, including the difficulty of installation and quality of the solar equipment used. Microgrid insists on using the best equipment available to assure optimum long-term performance for its customers.
Microgrid Solar Panel Roof Array
Most of our customers are taking advantage of the federal tax credit is that 30% of their solar installation is paid for by Uncle Sam. This is a great opportunity to limit the cash investment required for a money saving solar system.

Some homeowners choose to finance the part of the purchase price that the incentives do not cover.

Getting an Estimate for Home Solar

The best way to begin exploring the solar options for your home is to speak with one of our analysts over the phone.

The important thing to keep in mind is that solar is a great long-term investment! It will be producing renewable energy for many, many years after your investment is returned.