Will Solar Work For My Home

To determine if solar is suitable for a home, we carefully evaluate site conditions, including roof layout and any shading issues.

roof layout

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The best sides of the roof for solar are those that face south, southwest or southeast. In many situations we can design systems that are compatible with east or west facing roofs as well. It is also important to be sure there is a large enough area to accommodate the solar array. Generally, we look for at least 300-400 square feet of clear roof area on the side or sides of the roof where the solar will be located. Flat roofs are usually good locations for solar.


The side or sides of the roof where the solar modules will be located should have little or no shading between 9:00am and 3:00pm. If there is shade from trees, we are equipped to help homeowners reduce the foliage or even remove a tree when it makes financial sense. If your roof is too heavily shaded, you may want to consider a ground-mounted system or a solar awning or canopy in an area of your property that gets more sunlight.

how to know for sure

The best way to know for sure that solar is suitable for your home is to discuss it with one of our solar analysts. The analyst will look at satellite images while you are on the phone and discuss your solar options. Microgrid also has specialized equipment that allows us to measure the exact roof orientation and amount of shading. This on-site analysis is provided at no cost to homeowners interested in solar.

Prior to any installation, one of our Design & Installation Managers will do a thorough inspection of your home to verify that the roof direction, shading conditions, structural integrity and electrical system are acceptable.