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SolarU Logo Highlight SolarU is an innovative educational program from SunUp Solar. It provides free informational presentations about solar energy to local businesses, community groups, municipalities and, neighborhood groups.   Attendees will learn how solar energy can directly benefit their homes, families, communities, and budgets. Our educational class brings homeowners up-to-date on the latest solar technologies. Tips and details will be provided on utility and government financial incentives that can often cover up to 65% of the cost. Discover why 1000’s of homeowners are going solar every month:

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  • Move toward energy independence
  • Run your home on clean sustainable solar electricity
  • Make an excellent financial investment
  • Set a good example in the community

During a SolarU presentation, you may have your questions about solar energy answered by a solar specialist. Classes can be held on site at your organization or at our technology showroom. Generally the class lasts for less than one hour, including questions and answers. Registration in advance online is required to ensure sufficient seating. Refreshments will be served. A minimum of ten homeowners is required for a presentation.

This was the best sit down I have had to learn something, the best part was the Q&A afterwards. They answered every question I had.

Andrea H.

SolarU was great! It moved quick and we really understood what it took to put solar on our home in less than a hour.

Tracy S.

SolarU reminded me why I put SunUp at the front of my list.

William H.

It (SolarU) was just want I wanted, there are too many unknowns with Solar and everyone else just wanted me to buy, not understand.

Terry W.