About Us

We Are SunUp Solar

SunUp Solar offers turnkey Solar PV installation, with an emphasis on project delivery through Solar Leasing and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). We have built a strong reputation for delivering results, with a high level of professionalism and expertise.

SunUp’s service categories and areas of focus:

  • Commercial / Industrial Distributed PV Installer with a presence in the Midwest, East Coast, and the Caribbean.
  • Solar EPC, working nationally, with a focus on projects sized under 5 MW.
  • Residential solar installer, servicing the St. Louis and New York City regional areas.

SunUp Solar completes residential and small commercial projects (Distributed PV) in the regions where we have offices and larger projects across the United States.

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Bill Lucas

Senior Solar Consultant


Mitchell Wexler

Chief Financial Officer

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Senior Solar Consultant

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Tracy Doss

Senior Solar Consultant

Christopher Hudgens

Director of Marketing

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Solar Consultant