Your Most Valuable Real Estate May Be Your Roof

Not having solar energy for your home is costing you money every single day.  Discover the dollar value of your roof’s sunlight when you call us or fill out the adjacent form.

Why continue to over-pay for your electricity?  Solar will earn you money from day one with nothing out of pocket.  You can finance your solar investment on your electric bill and you bill will still be lower than it is now!

Meet Bruce & Linda.

They recently had solar installed on their home, hear how they feel solar has changed their finances and lifestyle.

Meet Rick Alfandre.

When he crunched the numbers he knew solar was perfect & profitable for all his homes.

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Solar Can Provide 30 to 100% of Your Annual Usage

Solar Can Provide 30 to 100% of Your Annual Usage

The New York area has ample sunlight for profitable home solar.

And We Will Fit It on Your Roof Beautifully

Solar system design is an art and a science. Here are some tips for your home.

New Valuation Tool Calculates How Much Solar Increases Property Value

Solar re-sale value used to be an open question. Now there is an answer.

Homeowner Poolside Solar


With clean energy funding, tax credits and on-bill financing, solar makes you money every single day.


Homeowner Poolside Solar


It doesn’t cost anything to find out how much money your roof can make. Convert your excess sunlight into a steady paycheck. Make money from day one with nothing out-of-pocket.


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